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We need you!

By, Sarah JB

ATTENTION!!!! All 6th graders going into 7th grade and 7th graders going into 8th grade: the HSJH Newspaper Club needs great writers to write articles for the newspaper. In Newspaper Club we get to write about anything we desire (as long as it’s appropriate) and run around the school interviewing the teachers and students. It’s a great way to spend time with your friends and be creative!


more staff doppelgangers

Here are some more staff – celebrities look alikes! You be the judge!

Edie Falco

Mrs. Gammons

Miss. McKee and Danica Patrick

Premiere Of CBS Films' "The Words" - Arrivals
Bradley Cooper

Mr. Beesley


george carlin
George Carlin


Mr. Goller

Staff Dopplegangers….say what?!?

doppelganger – n.

Web definitions
a ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpart. (

Now, we took a new spin on the “doppleganger” theory and found celebrities who look like some of our staff and teachers! Check ’em out below and stay tuned for some more to come… Tell us if you agree or not!

Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire

Mr. Tucker

Mr. Tucker

AbeLincoln Abe Lincoln

Zoeller Dopple Mr. Zoeller


HSE Sports


By, Apple Butter

Have you ever wondered what sports you are able to join at HSE? Well there are so many. For example, there is swimming and diving for you water people. If you are a runner then you would probably want to join track or cross country. There are many other sports, but just remember that you have practice almost every night!



By, Carmel Candy

Everybody join NJHS! It’s a great way to help out our community! You can get service hours for just about anything. The requirements for your hours are you have to be helping someone, and for free. If you are planning on being in NJHS then start working on your hours!


HSJH Sweeps the HEPL Poetry Contest!

By, Ms. Vandor

For the third year in a row, HSJH 7th and 8th graders swept the Hamilton East Public Library’s annual poetry contest! Below is the flyer for the invitation to the reception being held this Sunday. Stay tuned for pictures of the winners, along with their poems!

2013 Email Invitation

It’s May already! Final Stretch!

check out the links below for the May Newsletter and Activities Calendar!


may calendar

library books due!

MAY 13th


(not May 23rd)


Carolyn Gundrum, B.Ed., M.A.
Certified Teacher-Librarian
Chair, YHBA (Middle School)
Academic Advisor

getting to know…Lucy Lu

b (1)

Two truths and a lie:
-I was born in California
-I love Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte
-I hate pizza with a burning passion

TV Show: The Middle
Movie: Ferris Buhler’s Day Off or Finding Nemo
Candy: Twix
Sport: Swimming

Hi I am Lucy and I attended HSJH and I can’t wait till summer. But in the mean time I swim 6 days a week, newspaper club, musical crew, and FBC. I love all animals and I have a dog 2 cats 5 fish and I’m not really sure how many frogs. I love the color blue especially turquoise. You can count on me to always be a happy camper, except when teachers give tons of homework.

getting to know…Haeli

b (8)

Two truths and one lie. Take a guess!
• I can speak another language
• I play the violin
• I play tennis

TV Show-Friends

My name is Haeli and I am currently a seventh grader. I love being around with friends. I’m in love with books and I enjoy writing. My favorite food of all time is Nutella!!! I am a very crafty person. I like making jewelry including friendship bracelets, I make cards, I make decorations, and much more! I also love baking. Now you know me!