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Bandana Bracelet

bracelet pic

By, sarah JB

Here’s a super fun and stylish bracelet all you crafty students can make with bandanas! Here’s the instructions:
1. Take a bandana, or different colored bandanas, and cut five 1.5 in. strips
2. Dampen the strips with water ( this makes the bandana easier to braid and hold its shape)
3. Start 5 strand braiding (check the bottom to see how to 5 strand braid)
4. End the bracelet by tying all the strings in pairs.
5. Tie the bracelet onto your wrist or ankle
Now you have your fabulous, hand-made bracelet!

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Cookie Monster Cupcakes!

By, Fierce Fire Fox

• 1 box of cake mix (flavor of your choice)
To decorate:
• 1 can, bag, etc. of frosting
• 48 white melting chips (for the eyes)
• 48 large Ghirardelli chocolate chips (for the pupils- Ghirardelli chips are larger and more proportional)
• 24 Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies(or small cookies
• Sky Blue food coloring
•Blue food coloring

To Bake:
1. Bake as directed on the cake mix box
2. Allow to cool for an hour to an hour and a half

To Decorate:
1. Begin with two cupcakes. One will be the traditional base and the “muffin top” of the second will be the cookie monster’s head.
2. Slice the second cupcake in half horizontally. The top half of the cupcake will make the cookie monster’s head.
3. Frost the first cupcake lightly to secure the head.
4. Make a horizontal slice in the head so that you can stuff the cookie in.
5. Cut the chocolate chip cookies in half and stuff one in the slice you just made in the cupcake.
6. Tint the frosting bright blue using the Wilton Sky Blue food coloring. Add McCormick blue food coloring if necessary to get the blue just right.
7. Cover the entire head with blue frosting, using a decorative tip.
8. For the eyes, place two white chocolate melting chips on the cookie monster’s head.
9. Place two Ghirardelli chocolate chips on the white melting chips so that the eyes look a bit crazy.
10. Enjoy! 🙂

These cookies are great for a kid’s party! (Or any adult that loves cookies)

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Spaghetti Cupcakes

By, Piglet

These are delicious and silly cupcakes for occasions such as birthday parties or just a tasty treat! Here is a how-to for these cute desserts!
Ingredients: red velvet cupcakes
Red frosting
Yellow frosting from a tube
Milk dud’s candy

Take your red velvet cupcakes (from a box or from scratch) and take the squeezable yellow frosting and apply in a random way over individual cupcakes and it will look like spaghetti! Take red frosting after that and spread it over the top of the yellow spaghetti. Make sure you do not cover all of the noodles because then it would just look like a red cupcake. When you finished the red frosting, press three milk duds into the frosting and voila! You now have adorable and delicious cupcakes! They taste and look amazing! Enjoy

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Indy 500

By, Lucy

The Indianapolis 500 is just around the corner! This sporting event is very exciting! For so many people the Indy 500 is just 200 laps but for others it is a monumental race for Indy. You have the hard core 500ers, who go to the track so often they have special seat cushions for the bleachers and then you have the classic first timers who have never stepped foot on the track before, and you can tell who those people are, they coat themselves in sunblock and have the giant earplugs and they are asking questions left and right and most of all every time a race car driver walks by they look like they are about to pass out. A popular person wanted to win is last year’s winner Dario Franchitti. Who do you want to win?

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more staff doppelgangers

Here are some more staff – celebrities look alikes! You be the judge!

Edie Falco

Mrs. Gammons

Miss. McKee and Danica Patrick

Premiere Of CBS Films' "The Words" - Arrivals
Bradley Cooper

Mr. Beesley


george carlin
George Carlin


Mr. Goller

that was then, this is now

By, Sarah JB

One of my new favorite authors (as of 2 days ago) is S.E. Hinton. Most of you will probably recognize her because she wrote The Outsiders. That Was Then, This Is Now is almost like the sequel to The Outsiders. The main characters are different, but Ponyboy and the Shepard gang are mentioned. The story takes place a year or two after everything that happened in The Outsiders. In my opinion, That Was Then, This is Now is not quite as good as The Outsiders. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both really great books. So next time you need a book to read, check out That Was Then, This is Now!

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Disney Princess Makeovers

By, Poohbear

Disney Princesses are a classic. They are role models for little girls everywhere, and they have been given a makeover. Do these beautiful girls really need to change? They weren’t meant to send the message to look more beautiful or seductive! They were supposed to teach little girls to follow their dreams, fight for what’s right, and to find true love for being just who they are. These new “makeovers” that Disney has given them are wrong because they now have a scandalous, sexy, and skinny look, that give little girls the intension that they have to look like that. What will that do to little girl’s self-esteem? These fine princesses that didn’t care about dresses and looks, but character and love, have been transformed into a bad self-esteem role model for little girls everywhere. Girls will think that they have to look like that, being skinny and sexy. However those princesses message is not to like that, girls already have trouble with self-esteem and these modern Disney princesses are not the answer! Will these new looks effect the self-esteem issues of girls negatively, or will they just stay a another picture?

Info from and google images




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The Outsiders: Movie Review


By, Sarah JB

This article is for all you advanced English seventh-graders in HSJH. As you might already know, we are reading The Outsiders. In my opinion, it’s a great book with realistic and complex characters. Although most students might be blinded by the fact that we have a decent sized packet that goes along with the book, I think the packet helps me understand the book better and understand certain situations more clearly. I can’t wait to see how The Outsiders ends!


What the Heck Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman (2012) Part 2


By, 9.11

He realizes he has the powers of a spider. This is where I like the original three movies because in them, Peter’s webs shot out of his arms on command and it was accurate. In this movie, Peter invents weapons that shoot some kind of sticky rope. This isn’t accurate with the comics. Plus, Peter doesn’t look smart at all. The old Peter Parker looked smarter than this new one.

First Peter starts looking for the man who killed his uncle. He isn’t successful but then a scientist Peter met at the lab turns into a giant lizard that isn’t the Green Goblin, Spiderman’s #1 enemy who they used to kick off the original three movies. They should use the arch nemesis in the original movies because they are the arch nemesis.

Spiderman saves these cars on a bridge after the Lizard throws them off. This is when he becomes known. This is also when the female character, Gwen Stacy, starts becoming Peter’s girlfriend and finds out he is Spiderman. This is wrong! Peter’s first girlfriend is Mary Jane Watson, who doesn’t make an appearance in the movie (which is stupid).

Near the end he finds out the Lizard’s plan and he tries to stop it. He does stop him, cures the scientist but Gwen’s dad dies in the process. Peter reveals himself to Gwen’s dad and he makes him promise not to involve Gwen in his life. He promises. Gwen finds out. Then Gwen gets mad at Peter. Peter is late to his class that Gwen happens to be in. He comes in, sits down behind her, he promises not to be late again. Then the teacher says not to make promises he can’t keep. Then Peter tells Gwen that those are the best kind.
WORST SAYING EVER! If that was true, anyone could get away with anything. So, the lesson is to think your sayings through before you say them.


Galaxy Shirt How-To

galaxy shirt

By, Sarah JB

So, some of you students may have seen me wearing my home-made galaxy shirt, headband, and/or shoes. Here are the instructions for making galaxy shirts! It’s super easy and inexpensive.

1. Lay out a bin bag or some old newspaper to protect the surface you’ve chosen to work on.
2. Lay the shirt out on your flat surface, and ensure the seams are matching and that it is straight.
3. Pour a little bit of each paint out onto a flat surface (I used an old magazine).
4. Using a kitchen sponge, dab the area you wish to turn into a galaxy with the white fabric paint.
5. Using the purple and blue fabric paints, continue to smudge all over the area with the sponge, until you’ve got this galaxy-looking print.
6. Next, using a piece of sponge cut into a thin strip, dip into the white paint and using your finger, pull it back and let go to splatter the paint across the pattern and give a starry effect.

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