Disney Princess Makeovers

By, Poohbear

Disney Princesses are a classic. They are role models for little girls everywhere, and they have been given a makeover. Do these beautiful girls really need to change? They weren’t meant to send the message to look more beautiful or seductive! They were supposed to teach little girls to follow their dreams, fight for what’s right, and to find true love for being just who they are. These new “makeovers” that Disney has given them are wrong because they now have a scandalous, sexy, and skinny look, that give little girls the intension that they have to look like that. What will that do to little girl’s self-esteem? These fine princesses that didn’t care about dresses and looks, but character and love, have been transformed into a bad self-esteem role model for little girls everywhere. Girls will think that they have to look like that, being skinny and sexy. However those princesses message is not to like that, girls already have trouble with self-esteem and these modern Disney princesses are not the answer! Will these new looks effect the self-esteem issues of girls negatively, or will they just stay a another picture?

Info from yahoo.com and google images




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