What the Heck Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman (2012) Part 2


By, 9.11

He realizes he has the powers of a spider. This is where I like the original three movies because in them, Peter’s webs shot out of his arms on command and it was accurate. In this movie, Peter invents weapons that shoot some kind of sticky rope. This isn’t accurate with the comics. Plus, Peter doesn’t look smart at all. The old Peter Parker looked smarter than this new one.

First Peter starts looking for the man who killed his uncle. He isn’t successful but then a scientist Peter met at the lab turns into a giant lizard that isn’t the Green Goblin, Spiderman’s #1 enemy who they used to kick off the original three movies. They should use the arch nemesis in the original movies because they are the arch nemesis.

Spiderman saves these cars on a bridge after the Lizard throws them off. This is when he becomes known. This is also when the female character, Gwen Stacy, starts becoming Peter’s girlfriend and finds out he is Spiderman. This is wrong! Peter’s first girlfriend is Mary Jane Watson, who doesn’t make an appearance in the movie (which is stupid).

Near the end he finds out the Lizard’s plan and he tries to stop it. He does stop him, cures the scientist but Gwen’s dad dies in the process. Peter reveals himself to Gwen’s dad and he makes him promise not to involve Gwen in his life. He promises. Gwen finds out. Then Gwen gets mad at Peter. Peter is late to his class that Gwen happens to be in. He comes in, sits down behind her, he promises not to be late again. Then the teacher says not to make promises he can’t keep. Then Peter tells Gwen that those are the best kind.
WORST SAYING EVER! If that was true, anyone could get away with anything. So, the lesson is to think your sayings through before you say them.


One thought on “What the Heck Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman (2012) Part 2

  1. Tia says:

    Personally, i enjyed The Amazing Spiderman more than the three original Spiderman movies. Don’t expect every movie that is based on a comic/book to be exactly like said comic/book. I think this new Spiderman is way better than the old one. HE has better comebacks, they are wittier and funnier. And the fact that he makes his own webs makes more sense than the original spiderman, because, if you want o get technical, spiders actually shoot their webs out of their butts. And Peter’s last comment to Gwen “But those are the best kind’ was not bad. It was sweet. It was him telling her that he still likes her and almost asking for an apology. Anyways, I don’t think Spiderman and The Amazing Spiderman are meant to be the exact same thing. That being said,it’s not fair to compare the two and decide wqhich is better because one is not like the other.

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