Galaxy Shirt How-To

galaxy shirt

By, Sarah JB

So, some of you students may have seen me wearing my home-made galaxy shirt, headband, and/or shoes. Here are the instructions for making galaxy shirts! It’s super easy and inexpensive.

1. Lay out a bin bag or some old newspaper to protect the surface you’ve chosen to work on.
2. Lay the shirt out on your flat surface, and ensure the seams are matching and that it is straight.
3. Pour a little bit of each paint out onto a flat surface (I used an old magazine).
4. Using a kitchen sponge, dab the area you wish to turn into a galaxy with the white fabric paint.
5. Using the purple and blue fabric paints, continue to smudge all over the area with the sponge, until you’ve got this galaxy-looking print.
6. Next, using a piece of sponge cut into a thin strip, dip into the white paint and using your finger, pull it back and let go to splatter the paint across the pattern and give a starry effect.

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