May Multicultural Dates

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Major Holidays: World Religions & Cultures: MAY 2013

MAY IS… Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, Jewish/American Heritage Month, National Better Hearing & Speech Month, National Mental Health Month, Women’s Health Care Month, Older Americans Month.

May 1: Beltane (Northern Hemisphere Wiccan) Pagans celebrate the unison of the god and goddess which is believed to be the basis of all creation. This festival is celebrated with maypole dances.

May 1: School Principal’s Day (USA)

May 2: National Day of Prayer USA (Multi-faith) It was created as a floating holiday in 1952 and fixed on the first Thursday in May by Ronald Reagan.

May 3: World Press Freedom Day (International) Serves as an occasion to inform the public of violations of the right to freedom of expression and as a reminder that many journalists brave death or jail to bring people their daily news.

May 3: Orthodox Good Friday (Orthodox Christian)

May 5: Cinco de Mayo (Secular) Means the “The fifth of May” in Spanish.. This day commemorates a battle that was won on this day in 1862 during the years that the Mexicans were struggling to drive foreign armies from the country and became an independent nation. In the USA this day is celebrated in a zesty spirit with parades, food, musical events and dances.

May 5: Orthodox Easter (Orthodox Christian)

May 6-10: Teacher Appreciation week (USA; National Teacher Day May 7)

May 8: National School Nurse Day (USA)

May 12: Mother’s Day (Secular) In 1872, Julia Ward Howe (author of the Battle Hymn of the Republic) suggested this day be dedicated to peace. Mother’s Day meetings were held yearly in Boston Massachusetts on this day. In 1907 Ana Jarvis began a campaign to establish a National Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. It took four years and in 1911 it was proclaimed a national holiday. Countries celebrating Mother’s Day are the USA, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia and Belgium.

May 15: Shavuot (Jewish) Observance to celebrate the giving of the Torah, God’s gift to the Jewish people, which is a guide for how to live in this world. It occurs seven weeks after Passover.

May 17: Ascension Day (Christian) Forty days after Easter, commemorating the final earthly appearance of Jesus after his resurrection. The Christians believe that Jesus ascended into heaven.

May 18: Armed Forces Day (USA) Many Americans celebrate Armed Forces Day annually on the third Saturday of May. It is a day to pay tribute to men and women who serve the United States’ armed forces. Armed Forces Day is also part of Armed Forces Week, which begins on the second Saturday of May.

May 19: Pentecost (Christian) Celebrated by the Christians to commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit on the disciples in the form of tongues of fire and rushing wind. A traditional day for baptism and confirmation of new Christians.

May 21: World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (Secular) Recognizes cultural diversity as a source of innovation, exchange and creativity, as well as the obligation to create a more peaceful and equitable
society based on mutual respect.

May 23: Declaration Of The Bab; Siyid’ (Baha’i) This date marks the beginning of the Baha’i faith, the Baha’i Era (B.E.) and the Baha’i calendar. School and work are suspended on this day.

May 25: Visakah Puja (Buddha Day– Buddhist) The holiest day of the Buddhist calendar, this day marks the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha on the day of the full moon in May.

May 27: Memorial Day (USA) Originally initiated in 1868 to honor the dead of the Civil War, it has come to include lives lost in all the wars.

May 29: Ascension of Baha’u’llah (Baha’i) Observance of death anniversary of Baha’u’llah. School and work are suspended.


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