ode to smiling – an original poem

By, Pooh Bear

In honor of National Poetry Month, here is a poem I wrote!

Ode to smiling
Across any ordinary face
Lies happiness.
Like an upside down rainbow,
As cheery as a clown,
or smothered on by laughter
and replacing a frown.
Sits this funny figure,
Chuckle the cheers of happy days,
Come with this gift upon a face.

Seizing a huge smile,
to pop upon your face.
It grips you and controls you.
You can’t be let down.
It makes you dance,
It makes you laugh.
It shows the world how nice you are.
Don’t tear it down,
Your smile should be shown.
Let it play a pretty song.

Allow it to grow.
It will present,
Perfect pearls or other teeth.
It will reveal a happy soul,
One who can’t let go,
And will stick to you,
Like glue.
It is lovely and appealing.
Smiling is in,
So let it come out.

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