getting to know…Lucy Lu

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Two truths and a lie:
-I was born in California
-I love Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte
-I hate pizza with a burning passion

TV Show: The Middle
Movie: Ferris Buhler’s Day Off or Finding Nemo
Candy: Twix
Sport: Swimming

Hi I am Lucy and I attended HSJH and I can’t wait till summer. But in the mean time I swim 6 days a week, newspaper club, musical crew, and FBC. I love all animals and I have a dog 2 cats 5 fish and I’m not really sure how many frogs. I love the color blue especially turquoise. You can count on me to always be a happy camper, except when teachers give tons of homework.


Thoughts? Share them! (Must be school-appropriate!)

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