Getting to know…Kathrina Tate

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All About Me – Kathrina Tate

I am the one that is always having writer’s block which is not fun considering I’m even having writers block on this too. I usually just sit at the computer thinking, writing, backspacing until my page is blank again. When I am not at school, babysitting, or doing all the mounds of homework all my teachers pile on top of me, I’m either watching movies, reading, biking with friends, drawing, or anything else that includes art. The art I prefer to do is design, practicing still life, and just plain drawing anything I want. I also have two younger brothers. Ethan, my older\younger brother, is 11. While Conrad, my baby brother, is only five. A very impressionable age I have figured out. He will do anything my brothers best friend tells him to do considering he is his favorite in the world, expect for my mom of course. Well, that’s all about me.


Thoughts? Share them! (Must be school-appropriate!)

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