Beautiful Cupcakes


By, Piglet

Picture from Pinterest! Recipe from me!

These cupcakes are so easy but look so elegant! They taste amazing, too! You will need:

Cupcakes (white tastes best)
White frosting
White mini marshmallows
Food coloring

Directions: Bake your cupcakes, and frost each one lightly. Take the mini marshmallows and cut them in half diagonally. They should now have a sticky side. Mix about three drops of food coloring in a Ziploc bag of sugar, until the food coloring is all mixed in. Dip the sticky side of the marshmallows in the sugar, and stick the marshmallows to the frosting of the cupcake, starting around the outside of the cupcake. Keep arranging the marshmallow halves in little circles going inward until there is no more space. It’s time consuming but is so amazing!

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