What the Heck Movie Review: Batman and Robin (1997) Part 1

By, 9.11

“Batman and Robin” has to be one of the cheesiest movies of all time. Terrible is what I think of when I think of this movie.

So, the movie starts out with the classic scene of Batman and Robin putting together their costumes and Batman’s car comes out.

(I never understood the car in this movie)

So, Batman gets in his car and Robin gets on his motor bike. Then some screen pops up in Batman’s car and some cop appears on the screen and tells Batman that it’s Mr. Freeze attacking the museum.
When Batman and Robin get to the museum, they start beating up Mr. Freeze’s henchmen in some ice skating scene.

Then Mr. Freeze escapes in a big ice vehicle.

So, lots of boring fight scenes later, a plant study person in a place where they grow plants keeps wondering why her coworker keeps stealing her funds and plants. She goes into his lad only to see that he is using that stuff to create some venom that makes this criminal turn into some monster.

The guy throws her into some chemicals and she sinks into the ground…

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