Washington D.C Trip

By, Pooh Bear

According to the eighth graders and some teachers, Washington D.C. was a blast! The trip was coordinated by Mr. Brown – even though he had to leave the trip early due to his second child being born back in Indiana! He really did a great job! The students went to many museums, went to a Smithsonian or two, and went to war memorials, too.

The exciting trip began at the airport for an early flight of four o’clock AM. The flight was fine. It was short and they arrived in D.C. around eight o’clock AM. What was really cool about the plane ride was that some girls were allowed to serve snacks, when the plane began to start up in the sky the kids put their hands up just like a roller coaster ride, and they got to see the sunrise!

They ate breakfast with George Washington to start. Along with that, over the three days they saw war memorials which included the tome of the soldier, the Holocaust museum, the Lincoln Memorial, and many more memorials. They did the Harlem Shake at Einstein and went shopping! They saw the Hope Diamond and had a Night at the Museum Scavenger Hunt! They saw the snipers guarding atop the White House! One of the main events was crime and punishment. It was a hit! There was a dance and the students swam at the hotel pool! Overall the trip went splendidly. For all those seventh graders, all the fun is next year, so be looking forward to it!

Information from: Mr. Libey, Ms. Adams, and Emily W.

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