Latitude 39

By, the Phoenix

If you don’t know about Latitude 39 then you are really missing out!!! This place is awesome – for adults AND kids! Latitude 39 is a place where everything you can do is in one location!!

Dining – there are about 4 different restaurants that you can choose from to eat but some are more like bars, so unless you’re 21, you probably can’t go to those. The food is really good too! I can’t really say about the price of their food, though, because my parents paid for it.

Entertainment – there is a bowling alley, live music, an arcade, a theatre for live performances such as a comedy show or bands, a dance floor, tons of tv’s for the sports lovers, and pretty soon there will even be a movie theatre that you can sit down and eat at – like a restaurant! I’m most excited for the Cine-Grille to open!

Prices – Bowling is pretty average but the rates are different between the weekdays and weekends – but that’s pretty normal. Arcade prices – also normal. What’s NOT normal are the prizes L39 offers! They are awesome and really good – better than what you get at most arcades. Take a look at this site to see the cool games and prize shop:

Ms. Vandor recently went to L39 for a comedy show and dinner and I asked her about her experience. Here is what she told me:

“From the second we pulled up to the venue, my boyfriend and I were like, “Holy Cow! This place is huge!” As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by friendly staff members. They were very welcoming and professional. The place was packed and busy with a lot of people. One thing we noticed right away, was that the range of people varied a ton. There were little kids running around the arcade, and older people watching sports in the sports bar. However, by the time we left, it was mostly just an older crowd in the place. My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to get free tickets to the comedy show! Again, when we walked in to Latitude Live, the people were super nice! They sat us at our table and that was cool because we were facing the state directly. The main comedian was hilarious! Definitely not for kids, though!! We also ordered the buffalo chicken dip and it tasted just like my own recipe! So, yes, the good was good – but I am biased because like I said, it tasted just like mine! The service was a bit slow, but that was expected because it was really busy in the theatre. After the comedy show, we walked around the arcade. We didn’t play any games, but that was just because we were really tired and are trying to save money! There was a live band that was really good and the dance floor was packed. We left around 10 pm and the entire place was still very busy. I think we’d go back with another couple or a group of people, definitely!”

It sounds like Ms. Vandor had a great time. Attached is a flyer for High School students and teachers! DEFINITELY check out the flyer.

Latitude 39 High School Happy Hour
3-5 pm Monday – Friday
Show your school ID
Get: $10 for the arcade, 1 game of bowling, and if you buy one pizza – you can get one free!

High School Happy Hour

If you don’t live in the Indy area, check out for other venues like L39 in YOUR AREA. They have Latidues in Chicago, Jacksonville, and Pittsburgh too!

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