Turn your shirts into different things


By, Piglet

Have any old t-shirts that you can’t fit into anymore? Well there is an easy solution as to what to do with old, outgrown t-shirts!

Make a purse!
1. With an old long-sleeved shirt, you can make a cute, easy bag or purse with just a needle and thread! Turn the shirt inside out.
2. Now sew the bottom of the shirt together, making the bottom of the bag, and turn back to right side out.
3. Put the wrists of the sleeves together above the head, and sew the wrists of the sleeves together, forming the strap of the purse.
4. Enjoy your purse!

Make a Fringe Scarf!
1. With any old t-shirt, you can make a super cute fringe scarf to wear on any occasion! To start, get some scissors and cut the shirt horizontally at the chest, cutting off the neck, leaving only the torso of the shirt.
2. On the edge opposite the one you just cut, cut fringes vertically up the shirt, making sure to cut through both the front and back layers of fabric. Make these fringes about a half inch wide. You decide how long to make your fringes (I prefer them about two to three inches long.) Make sure not to cut your fringes completely off!
3. With the side with the fringes pointing down, put the scarf over your head and voila! You now have a cute fringe scarf!

I found all this information from: morefrommeg.blogspot.com

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