Tuesday March 26, 2013 is Purple Day: an Epilepsy Awareness Article

By: Purple Ambassador, Grade Nine

What does Purple Day stand for? March 26th Purple Day is for Epilepsy awareness.

What is Epilepsy, though? The scientific definition of Epilepsy is, “a physical condition that occurs when there is a sudden, brief change in how the brain works. When brain cells are not working properly, a person’s consciousness, movement, or actions may be altered for a short time.” Now, if I didn’t have Epilepsy myself I wouldn’t understand that at all. However, since I do know what it means, let me explain. All it is, is a seizure disorder. But, now you’re probably thinking, “well what the heck is a seizure?” Am I right?

Well then… a seizure is just when something happens in your brain that interrupts your normal everyday way of life. Keep in mind though there are many different types of seizures, NOT just what is shown on the television, though that is a fairly common type of seizure. In fact there are hundreds of different types of seizures.

November is Epilepsy Awareness Month so why is this day in March? March is Disability Awareness Month. Believe me, Epilepsy is very much a disability. It takes up almost every moment of your life. All you do is worry about whether or not you will have a seizure and when and where you will be. We all know that as a teenager our lives are hard; but as an epileptic teen it’s so much harder- like 10 times harder. And that’s if you are having active seizures, if you’re not and you only have it twice as hard- I know as a ninth grader and being diagnosed right after fourth grade- I’ve been through it a lot in my life.

If you know someone with Epilepsy, don’t hate on them or make fun of them because you would hate it if it were you who was having the seizure. Now don’t get me wrong I’m only talking about the REALLY mean kids. If a person with Epilepsy sees a person having a seizure (even if the person made fun of them before, they are more likely to help instead of making fun of that person).

As with everything, there are ways to keep someone having a seizure safe. Sometimes though, you can’t help the person because it’s over too soon to do anything; or you may not even realize that what is going on is a seizure- such as an absence seizure where the person seems to be daydreaming and not paying attention, or a myoclonic (my- oh- clonic) seizure where it looks like the person is having spasms. If a person is having what you see on the television where the person has fallen on the ground and is convulsing there’s a whole list of things you should do; but here’s the biggest parts – one don’t put anything in their mouth because they could choke, make sure they don’t hurt their head. Those are the two most important things to know. Also, realize that unless they have a “in case of emergency” bracelet on with specific instructions, or the seizure goes over five minutes, call 911. If the person has an “in case of emergency” bracelet follow the instructions on it if there are any.

And like always wear purple on March 26th. Let’s go HSE and HSJH!

http://www.kidneeds.com/diagnostic_categories/articles/epilepsydefinition.htm & my own knowledge

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday March 26, 2013 is Purple Day: an Epilepsy Awareness Article

  1. This is simply fabulous. Thanks for telling it straight up so other kids will understand. My son has Epilepsy and is in 6th grade. His entire school is wearing purple ribbons today. Keep speaking out. This is such a great article. If you would like and if you’re allowed, I think my readers would love to hear a student perspective. Please consider linking this on my blog.

    Great job!

  2. […] Tuesday March 26, 2013 is Purple Day: an Epilepsy Awareness Article (hsjhpantherpress.wordpress.com) […]

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