Movie Review – Les Miserables

By, Piglet

WARNING: If you are not a fan of tragic movies then read no further. Les Miserables is the saddest movie I have ever seen, but also the best. The story is complex, and you have to pay attention to the movie to understand it.

The story goes like this: A man named Voujean steals a loaf of bread and goes to prison for nineteen years because of it. When he finally leaves prison, he is given papers to warn that he is a dangerous man. He tries to get a job, but with his papers nobody will take him. Then a bishop takes him in for a night, feeding him and letting him stay overnight. That night, Voujean stole the bishop’s silver and his money. When he tried to flee from the bishop’s house, the guards of the city caught him red-handed and Voujean said that the bishop had given him the silver. The guards took Voujean back to the bishop’s house and told him everything. Then the kind bishop let Voujean go free with even more silver, but tells him to use the silver to become an honest man. Voujean then tears up his papers, thus starting a new life.

Voujean became the mayor of a town where a poor woman lived. She was recently fired from her job in a factory and was in a panic because now she could not pay the debt for her daughter, who was working for some nasty innkeepers that were selfish and greedy. Voujean finds the woman and promises to take care of Casset, the woman’s daughter. Voujean and Casset had to run from Javert, the jail keep from when Voujean was in prison. They manage to escape from Javert. Then, about ten years later the French revolution started, and a boy named Marius was part of it. Marius fell in love with Casset, but his friends didn’t approve. Marius must go to war and somehow make it back safe to Casset. And the rest, well, you will have to see it for yourself!

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One thought on “Movie Review – Les Miserables

  1. Michael D. Dwyer says:

    I was “Piglet’s” date for the movie, Les Miserables.
    We both enjoyed it & felt the sadness was overcome with the spirit of redemption at the end.
    It’s a great movie; the singing was very good. It was nominated for best picture & won a few academy awards; including best supporting actor.
    PS. Don’t volunteer to do a book report. The novel is 1600+ pages!!!!

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