Let the Games Begin!!!!

By, Purple People Eater

For those of you who don’t know, the eighth grade boy’s basketball team will host a competitive game against the teachers. At the game you will see the aggression come out in all the players…….even the teachers! I wanted to get in on all the info, so I interviewed teachers participating.

Mr. McCord: says he is very excited and hasn’t been practicing for the game. His favorite part of the whole game is watching the eight graders’ jaws drop when they realize that they lost by at least twenty points. Mr. McCord is also looking forward toward the hot dog eating contest at halftime.

Mrs. Stoner: she is participating in the hot dog eating contest. Mrs. Stoner stresses that she is not nervous or excited. The worst, part claims Mrs. Stoner, is having to eat all the calories in the hot dogs. As anyone can imagine, eating all these calories and fats isn’t exciting at all. Mrs. Stoner also claims that she has been practicing for this contest since birth.

Mr. Zoeller and Mr. Young: both agree that they do NOT need to practice their skills for the game. Both teachers plan to do karaoke, and Mr. Zoeller will sing anything country. Mr. Young says the best part is watching the eight grade boys having their dreams crushed, and realizing they lost to old people. Their best strategy is to give the basketball to Mr. McCord.

Mrs. Cooper: she is just another loyal fan rooting for the teachers! No matter how old the teachers come, Mrs. Cooper will cheer for them! Mrs. Cooper believes Mr. Zoeller will dominate! You can find Mrs. Cooper at the game giving her best team spirit!

The game is on February 6, and tailgating is afterwards. All I can say is, let the games begin.


Thoughts? Share them! (Must be school-appropriate!)

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