Newspaper Club Cookie Exchange





000_0005By, Pooh Bear

On December 18, 2012, The Newspaper Club cookie exchange was held. There were so many scrumptious treats to enjoy. All of the newspaper writers contributed to the festive feast of treats.

911, gratefully, brought pop to wash down the wondrous amounts of cookies we all ate. Sarah JB came to the exchange with some cute, and delicious, chocolate cherry mice! Apple butter fed our hungry bellies with yummy cake brownies. Caramel Candy added her holiday pretzels to the spread of cookies. EZ made cupcakes for the exchange. A.C. baked luscious butter cookies. Abby cooked delectable peppermint Hershey Kiss cookies. Fierce Fire Fox fired up some savory cookie brownies. Kyle created iced cookies and mini brownie cupcakes. Mandy constructed tasty sugar cookies. Hot Dog brewed up a concoction of chocolate chip and sugar cookies! Daphne satisfied our taste buds with some delightful powdered butter cookies. Emily Vargas prepared chocolate and maple fudge. Katherina Tate arranged some nice hot cocoa cookies. Piglet supplied darling frosted sugar cookies. Pooh Bear whipped up a batch of mouthwatering eggnog- sugar cookies. Kairi Honda brought with her some ambrosial chocolate mint cookies. Princess Ariel brought some delectable cupcakes. Purple People Eater contributed some appetizing snicker doodles. Kiaria arranged some nice ornament cookies. Finally, Miss Vandor wrapped up the banquet with some wonderful candy canes!

It was a good time. Everyone ate cookie after cookie, and speaking for me and maybe a few others, were pretty full by the end!


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