Art Teachers’ “Fun Friday” History

By, Piglet

We wanted to know what the history of the art teachers’ tradition of “Fun Friday” was, so we asked them a few questions about how the tradition started. Unfortunately, they all had their stories mixed up, and nobody knew how it really started. Here are some of the versions!

Mrs. Adams’s version was that when The Bump It commercials came out, the art teachers all bought one and wore them one Friday connecting them to the 212 thing by saying that the art department was going to “bump it up”. They had so much fun that they began wearing something different every Friday.

Ms. Gammons thought that the first “Fun Friday” was “side pony” Friday. Then it progressed as Mrs. Adams told it. Her list of Fun Fridays went like this: Pirate, Goth, Tutu, Bieber, Bunny Ear, Witness Protection Program, Gas Mask, Got Up Late, Clown Shoe, Big Bow, H1N1, What the Face, Red Carpet, Mullet, etc.

Apocalypse Friday

clown shoe 004


dickie friday

foil friday1




rigorous friday

Safety First! 10.12.12

scarface Friday



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