Abnormal: The Birthday-Part 2

By, 9.11

Officer James Carl: Investigation Report
Date: January 29th, 2015
Location: 2606 Pineapple St.

Continuing report of murder at 2606 Pineapple St. The mother and sister were the only ones to survive. His dad had died the week before. The family had kept it a secret until the day of. The table was flipped over on top of the people and there was a chandelier smashed on the floor. The recent 8 year old was standing in the middle of the room.

Jayme (the boy’s mother): He raised his hand ant all of the sudden the chandelier fell from the ceiling.
Haley (the boy’s sister): It was scary. He was never a violent person. I remember hearing my grandparents screaming as the table flipped over on top of them.
Jayme: Then he just stood there and did nothing.

After hearing them speak, I have decided to check out the crime scene for myself.


Thoughts? Share them! (Must be school-appropriate!)

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