Thank a teacher

By, Ms. Vandor
This was sent out to the district by our Central Office Asst. Superintendent, Mike Beresford, in honor of National School Counseling Week. Please say “Thank You” to your school counselors!

“Hey Folks,

We are blessed to have an extraordinary group of people who serve as guidance counselors in our district. Our counselors play a special role in meeting the many needs of our students in many, many ways. They work with all the players in the school community to support the academic, social/emotional, and behavioral challenges that walk through our doors every day and they do all they can to help students be successful. Not to mention all the prevention activities, assessments, interventions, and referrals to resources that help parents help their students in need. They also support the staff, administration, and district in unseen and unsung ways that are paramount to creating safe and positive environments where students can learn and grow.

Take some time to show our counselors how much we appreciate them this week and always….”

Thank you especially to our school counselors here at HJH, Mrs. Isaacs and Mrs. Valasek!


Thoughts? Share them! (Must be school-appropriate!)

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