Destination Imagination – Global Finals in Knoxville is the Goal!

By, Mrs. Seitz

Creativity has never been more in the news, with everyone from elementary school teachers to giant corporations and big universities looking for ways to develop and nurture creativity. With the world changing at record speed and new technologies developing every day, savvy leaders recognize that the future belongs to those who can think in non-traditional ways, outside the confines of business-as-usual. Preparing leaders of tomorrow to meet the challenge is the goal of Destination Imagination, a school and community-based creativity program that instills participants with the skills they need to think within and outside-the-box, to work together as teams, to problem-solve and to embrace diversity.

Destination Imagination’s annual problem-solving and creativity program gives participants a chance to develop unique and innovative solutions to one of six different challenges. Local schools and communities facilitate the program, with teams participating in Regional and Affiliate Tournaments before the annual international event called Global Finals. This year’s Global Finals event will be held at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, from May 22 to May 25, and will host more than 10,000 participants plus their Team Managers, parents and other well-wishers, for a total audience of over 18,000. A synopsis of the six Challenges available to this year’s teams can be found at or or

HSE has 19 teams with their eye on international glory. These teams must first pass through the regional at HSE Freshman Center on March 9 and then if they advance to the Affiliate Finals at HSHS on April 13. They must finish first or second place in the finals in order to capture a coveted spot at Global Finals, where they will compete with participants from around the world, showcasing their creativity and making friendships that will last a lifetime.

Destination Imagination teams form in late September and they are corporation wide teams. So 7 friends from different schools can connect and work on one of these challenges. They can be members from different grades and can be mixed boy/girl in one team. Teams look over the challenges and decide which one they are most interested in. Then they start meeting on Tuesday nights at Brooks School Elementary in the first semester and then start meeting at least two times a week in second semester with Tuesday and Saturday practices. Teams are totally student driven but must have a parent Team Manager for supervision purposes.
If this sounds exciting to you and you have drama, scientific, technical or structural talents then this program might be for you. You must be willing to work together as a team and be able to handle a steep commitment of time as the competition nears as there are only 7 members of a team and all challenge solutions depend on the ideas of team members. There are strict rules against parental or teacher interference.

HSE,’s Mrs. Seitz has been involved in DI for 18 years and HSE has now attained a tradition of success in the state and most recently globally. Please visit her room #319 to see the trophies and ribbons that the HSE teams have won. We have had three teams place second at Globals beating China, South Korea, European and South American countries plus teams from all of the United States. Mrs. Seitz has seen the changes DI has made in student’s lives and this has become her passion. Please check out the websites to look at the impact of this program.


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