The End of The World?!


By, Pooh Bear

Oh no! Hurry and get with your family because the world is going to end… or not! There are so many silly theories that people are taking seriously. I will tell about some interesting theories about the end of the world, for a good laugh, or a serious consideration!

One theory was about the Mayan calendar. It was dated for December 21, 2012 for a new cycle to begin. Another theory is a pole shift. This is where the crust and mantel will suddenly shift. It resembles the peel of an orange spinning around the fruit of that orange.

Another theory is a galactic alignment. This is where the sun appears to cross through the Milky Way, exposing Earth to powerful galactic forces that will hasten its doom. This could possibly happen through a pole shift.

There is also a theory where planet X will collide with Earth, therefore destroying Earth altogether. There is another theory about the solar flares from the sun. Some believe that the sun will give off extremely high solar flares causing the earth to heat up like an oven.

I personally don’t believe in those silly theories. I plan to wake up Christmas morning and be with my family.

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