Live like there’s no tomorrow

By, Sarah J.B.

Many of you have probably heard that supposedly, the world is going to end on December 21, 2012. I interviewed my English class (Mr. Tucker’s 5th period English) and my social studies class (Mr. Barnard’s 6th period Social Studies) with the question “What’s the last thing you would do if the world were to end?” Not to my surprise, I received many creative and hilarious answers! Here they are:
 Jimmy said he would try bull riding
 Alaina would go sky diving and spend time with her friends and family
 Maddie would also attempt skydiving
 Lily would tell her family and friends that she loved them
 Justin would , and I quote, “absolutely nothing”
 Sydney would party (most of the students agreed with her)
 Alec would escape by fly to the moon(other students had the same answer)
 Nick set a trend by saying he would party on Mars (Andy agrees with Nick)
 Many would say their final goodbyes to loved ones
 Others would spend all of their money
 Olivia would surf, skydive, and ride in a hot air balloon
 One of my peers said that they would free all of the puppies in pounds and animal shelters
 Another student declared that he would host a huge party and them burn down his house
 A wacky answer I heard was to sleep in a furniture store and ride a unicorn with Beyoncé
 Mr. Barnard said that he would celebrate his anniversary with his wife
 Others would rob banks
 One of my fellow students said that he would eat, watch Cake Boss with his mom and Uncle, wear no pants, and listen to Taylor Swift all at the same time

Cross your fingers, December 21 is coming up!

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