The Best Time To Wear a Striped Sweater is all the Time

By, Carmel Candy and Apple Butter

I think that it is unfair to discriminate sweaters based on the fact that they have stripes on it or not. So my friend and I went around the school to take a tally of who agreed with us. Personally I think that if you don’t own a striped sweater you don’t have SSwag ( I added two s’s because it stands for Sweater Swag).  A lot of the teachers think that horizontal stripes make them look FAT and vertical stripes make you look THINNER. Mr. Tucker doesn’t like striped sweaters, but we personally think striped sweaters would look good with his style. Go Mr. Tucker! Miss Wright loves striped sweaters; she loves the stripes and the sweaterness of them. Yes, you are right sweaterness is not a word but we can act like it is. Plain old Mr. Libey said he likes only solid colored sweaters.

Since striped sweaters are the best kind of sweaters we proclaim every Friday, HSJH Striped Sweater Day!


As a wise sponge once said, “ The best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.”


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One thought on “The Best Time To Wear a Striped Sweater is all the Time

  1. Heather Powell says:

    I agree with you 100%! Stripes add character and personality to an otherwise boring piece of clothing. Continue your crusade!

    -Miss Powell

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