Chaotic Black Friday

By, Purple People Eater

The Thursday night of Thanksgiving you were probably eating Thanksgiving dinner with family. For some other people, they were outside waiting in line for some big deals. Stores like Walmart, Sears, and Toys R Us were the hot spots. One aspect that worried shoppers was that almost everyone in the long lines were after the same item, all that waiting, shivering, and excitement in line for nothing. I know this feeling because I experienced this Thursday night and Friday morning. Here’s advice if you ever want to shop on Black Friday: arrive early!   At Walmart there were fights over a deal. One girl claimed seeing people punching one another, and pulling each other’s hair. “There were shoes lying everywhere, and screams were being ripped throughout the crowd,” says the customer. This was a crazy Thursday night and Friday morning for me and to be quite honest, I’m still exhausted!

Leave a comment telling me all about your crazy Black Friday!

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