What is Your Teacher’s Favorite Christmas Tradition?

By, Emillia Vargas & Kathrina Tate

We took some time out to ask some teachers what their favorite Christmas tradition is! Here are their answers to the question:

“My favorite Christmas tradition is….”

Mrs. Slota – …picking out a Christmas tree and having hot chocolate!

Mr. Goller – …hanging up my Yellow Submarine ornament and watching The Hog Father.

Mrs. Kriger – …going to a midnight ceremony at church and sing the Christmas carols then take the candles outside. Next we go home and eat filet mignon and king crab then open one present on Christmas Eve.

Miss Wright – …Christmas camp, Christmas Tecumseh reunion, Christmas craft exchange, and opening stockings in PJs.

Ms. Craig – …having a birthday party for Jesus and eating cinnamon buns on Christmas morning.

Mrs. Cooper – …going to church and watching Christmas Vacation.

Mrs. Hiatt – …making Happy Birthday Jesus pancakes on Christmas Morning

Mr. Libey – …hanging out with family and watching Christmas Vacation.

Ms. Vandor – …having my entire immediate family (and five dogs!) together all at the same time!

Let us know! What’s YOUR favorite Christmas or holiday tradition??!?!

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2 thoughts on “What is Your Teacher’s Favorite Christmas Tradition?

  1. Mrs. Gammons says:

    Mine is brunch Christmas morning on the good china with people I love a lot.

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