Short Story: The Artist’s Mistake

By, Lauren W. & Lucy N.

Short Story

The Artist’s Mistake

“Lucy!” Mrs. Adams ran to Lucy screaming, holding a handful of broken clay. Lucy looked at the broken clay and sat down, depressed. Her wonderful work of art was destroyed in the kiln. This was the third clay creature destroyed this week!

“What happened?” cried Lucy, “I was so pumped to paint today and just to find out that my creature was destroyed!”

“Well, you’ll just have to start all over.” Mrs. Adams said with a grin.

Lucy turned to the girls at her table, and saw Taylor’s creature crumbled  in front of her. All the girls looked at Mrs. Adams who was at her desk working as if nothing had happened. “Hey, do you think that maybe all the creatures that have been destroyed weren’t an accident?”

Taylor sighs and says, “Maybe, I don’t understand how mine blew up! I did everything like she said!” All the girls shifted their attention back to Mrs. Adams. “I think that there may be an someone sneaking in and destroying all the creatures.”

“We should investigate!” Lucy suggested.

“But how?” Sarah, a girl at the table, asked.

“We should go into the room tomorrow before the next load of creatures  go in and put in a hidden camera, to see what is going on,” Taylor said quietly.

They put the camera in the room unable to contain their excitement. They couldn’t wait to see who the criminal was.

The next week…

The girls all gathered at a sleep over to watch the footage.

“Ok guys I’ll go get the camera,” said Lauren, another classmate.

“I’m nervous, guys,” said Taylor.

The video was plugged in and the footage started.

First Mrs. Adams scampered into the room with a mouse like face. Then, she looked and touched every clay creature and then licked her fingers. She picked up the ice cream shaped clay creature. She sniffed the creature and then gobbled it down in less than five seconds. She walked out of the room and laughed.

“Mrs. Adams is a mouse! A mouse,” they all screamed.

They never looked at their third period art teacher the same way again!



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