Your Guide to the Election

By, 9.11

Info gathered from Google and CNN

If you were confused with what was going on during the election, I have a way for it all to make sense.

Maybe you thought that the votes that people send to the voting centers were what determined the president. The real way the president was chosen is by the states’ overall votes. When all the votes are counted up in a state, the majority will determine who the electoral votes go to. Electoral votes are a certain amount of points for example, that each state has, so whoever the state has the most votes of, they send their points to the person who has the most. In the end, whichever candidate has the most points based off of the states that voted for them.

If you were confused about the terms and getting reelected, here it is made simple. The presidents’ terms are divided into sets of 4 years. After the first 4 years, the person can get reelected if they can beat the other candidate in the election. After Franklin D. Roosevelt was president for 4 terms (12 years total), the government made a rule that a president can only serve 2 terms (8 years).

Hopefully I have cleared up any wonders you’ve had on the election and broadened your education.


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