Thanksgiving for the Teachers

By, Pooh Bear and Piglet

We interviewed some teachers about their Thanksgiving traditions.  Take a look to find out more about your favorite teachers!

Mr. Libey, an English composition teacher, enjoys seeing his family for Thanksgiving. He enjoys all Thanksgiving foods, though he can’t eat all of it!  His favorite foods that he can eat are turkey and mashed potatoes.  Some of his favorite activities of Thanksgiving are watching football and playing with his niece and nephew.  He enjoys “throwing them” into leaf piles and spoiling them with gifts!

Social Studies teacher, Mr. Young’s favorite part of Thanksgiving is sitting and doing nothing all day.  His favorite things to do are watch football and eat. His favorite Thanksgiving food is stuffing.  His favorite pie is pumpkin pie. Mr. Young’s favorite color is grey.  If everything in the world was grey, he would feel very bored.  His worst fear is the zombie apocalypse.

Mrs. Vandor’s favorite Thanksgiving tradition is eating and playing Catchphrase.  She loves seeing her family during Thanksgiving.  Her favorite Thanksgiving food is her mother’s fried sweet potatoes.  Her favorite color is turquoise and if the entire world was turquoise she would feel like she was drowning; which is her worst fear.


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