Slender Myths

By, 9.11

From: Wikipedia

Slender Man has been an antagonist in the popular games, but what is the secret behind the games?

On June 8, 2009, a contest was launched on Something Awful forums to doctor actual photographs so that they contained supernatural entities and then pass them off as legitimate on paranormal forums. User Victor Surge found a series of photographs from as early as the 1870s of children from the mid-18th century that show a tall, pale, faceless being with “tentacles” standing in the background (Shown below). Annotations described how the children had later vanished, whom was proven to be actual victims of the Slender Man. There is still little evidence as to whether this myth is fact or fiction.

Since then it has inspired the video game Slender, which later on produced many more games.

Many people have thought the Slender Man is true, but there is little evidence to actually prove the existence. Rest assured that the Slender Man is for now a myth. You may now sleep peacefully.


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