Ms. Vandor Interview

By, Pooh Bear

The newspaper club’s advisor is Ms. Vandor, a seventh grade English teacher. She loves her job and enjoys her students. Her favorite color is ocean blue, or turquoise. She says that if every single thing in the universe were that color, then she would feel trapped. She adores the ocean, especially starfish. Ironically she is terrified of drowning! She loves the book The Old Man in The Sea. She thinks that the movie “Looper” is fantastic and is currently obsessed with The Walking Dead! Her favorite letter is S because her first name, Stephanie, starts with S. Also, her favorite number is 7. She likes the numbers 2 and 5 (which is her birthday), but if you add those together you get 7, so she chose 7 as her favorite number.

When it comes to being a teacher she loves her students; they are her favorite co-worker. The one thing she hates about being a teacher is all the grading! She isn’t fond of the printer: it gives her problems! She has always been a seventh grade teacher and doesn’t want to change! She says that her seventh grade year was most memorable!

Ms. Vandor




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