Was Halloween Ruined?

By, Sugar Plum

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Hurricane Sandy Brings Soggy Weather, Probably Won’t Ruin Your Halloween Weekend

Hurricane Sandy isn’t expected to hit Indiana, but the storm will still be annoying as it hits the eastern part of the U.S.

Forecast 8 Meteorologist Ken Brewer said that Indiana will see strong winds and perhaps a wintry mix, especially in eastern parts of the state.

Winds will increase Monday and the higher winds last through at least Tuesday night. This means that winds will reach or exceed 35 miles per hour. Winds could get up to around 50 miles per hour.

“There will be a sharp cut-off because we have nice, dry air battling with the precipitation from Sandy,” Brewer said. “It still looks like mainly eastern Indiana could see a light mix of rain and snow showers. It looks like accumulating snow will most likely stay to our east in parts of Ohio.”

Late on Wednesday (Halloween), most of the precipitation will be gone but carry an umbrella just in case. Halloween will not be ruined for you if you don’t mind being a bit cold and walking through puddles.

Forecast 8 will continue to track how Hurricane Sandy affects the area. Check with the Weather Blog for the latest update.


**NOTE: While it was a bit chilly for Halloween, overall, Sandy didn’t quite “dampen” all of our fun! (See the pun there?!) Many of us still went out trick-or-treating and managed to get a ton of candy – we just had to dress a bit warmer!


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