Thanksgiving Traditions – from the Staff

By, Princess Ariel

As everyone knows, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Soon, people will be making the turkey, watching football with family, and gathering around the table to talk about what they’re thankful for. But some families have traditions that they do every year for the Thanksgiving season. Here are some traditions that teachers do each Thanksgiving.

Mr. Tucker- eat food and watch football with family

Mrs. Wahlstorm- getting together with family

Mrs. Isaacs- go around the table and share what you are grateful for

Mrs. Mahoney- cousins play flag football and the night before Thanksgiving, cousins go to White Castle and play a game called Risk

Mrs. Gundrum- eating cornish game hens

Ms. Vandor – travel home to IL to see family

Mr. Libey- go up to Warsaw, IN to eat at aunt and uncle’s and later on to shoot guns

Ms. Zurcher- doesn’t have a tradition, just like to do something different every year

Mrs. Roberts- pick out poinsettias

Mr. Bradshaw- Play Feets Of Strength (a game where you wrestle the dominant male in the household in order to eat)

Everyone has their Thanksgiving traditions that they do with family. Some are weird, some are plain, or others have a unique tradition. But whatever it is, it’s what brings your family closer and together.

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