I am not an Idiot

By, Kairi Honda

I am not an Idiot 

I am not an idiot.

Condescending glares may say otherwise,

But I am no fool.

I know that they talk about me behind my back.

And I know they snicker at how I act ignorant.

I am better than that.

I am not a moron.

“Why don’t you use words an idiot can understand?”

I hide behind a shield of logic,

So their voices never reach me.

It may not seem like it, but I am trying my best every day

To please those underestimating me.

Everyone around me is an enemy.

They continue to fire insults and harsh words

Thinking that I will care.

With my venomous thoughts of retribution

And angry rants only my loneliness,

The dumb person I see in the mirror is a stranger.

I am not an imbecile.

I know that they sneer at me when I pretend to sleep.

I know that they criticize what I am.

I know they think I’m a sort of alien.

I will be whatever they want me to be.

What they think I am.

But I will not be an idiot.

I am better than they are,

Only saying kind words.

Or just staying quiet.

Keeping to myself that I am not the idiot that they see.


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