By, Sugar Plum

Are you in the orchestra? Well, if you are it’s not news to you that we had our first concert of the year! If you aren’t in the Orchestra make sure you know about this ahead of time next year! It’s called the “Cafe Concert” because after we play, we go over to the cafeteria and have lots of desserts. It’s really tasty, but be sure you bring a desert or else we won’t have more to eat!

Orchestra students needed to be present at the orchestra room at 6pm – an hour before the show started. The concert began at 7pm. All the Orchestras played that night but don’t worry – if you want to watch the  band and choir they play/ed on different nights.

All Orchestra players are required to bring a dessert but if you want to bring your own dessert you can.

Our first Thursday performance night  was a huge hit! Be sure to be there next time!

**Apologies to Sugar Plum that I did not post this before the concert. I was waiting for pictures and didn’t realize the concert already passed – I changed the article a bit, and I’m still waiting for pictures to post. ~Ms. V 😦

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