Democrats vs. Republicans for Decades

By, 9.11

Info gathered from various sites on Google. 

For decades, it has been the legendary battle of Democrats and Republicans for control of the government. But how did these parties get started? Let’s look.

The Republicans got started way back in the 1850s. Before them were the Whigs, which were the people who came over to the U.S. and separated from England. From that came other parties but Whigs were the closest to Republicans. Sometime before the Civil War, the Whig party was no more. The first elected Republican was Abraham Lincoln. He was also the most successful. Before him were the colonial presidents who considered themselves old Republicans, but the party we know today comes from the 19th century.

The Democrats have been around since the beginning of the U.S.A. They were one of the biggest parties at the time after the Revolutionary war because the Whigs were dissolving. During the times before the Civil War, because of the slavery going on in the south, the Democrats were split into Northern and Southern Democrats. The ones in the north believed in no slavery and the ones in the south did. After the Civil War came the Democrats we know today.

Ever since the beginning of America, the political parties have been helping us throughout all ages.


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