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Scrumptious Chocolate Bark

By, Sarah J.B.

Get this recipe here! 


3 cups melted chocolate or white chocolate coating
2 cups your choice of filling such as coconut, pecans, almonds, toffee, corn flakes, Rice Krispies or any other nuts, etc.


Combine chocolate and filling and drop by spoonfuls or spread a thin layer on waxed paper. Cool and break into pieces. For Christmas you can make wreaths with green chocolate and corn flakes and for Easter you can make nests from yellow chocolate and coconut.


238 calories, 18 grams fat, 22 grams carbohydrates, 3 grams protein per serving. This recipe is low in sodium.




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There’s no place like home for the Holidays!

By, Hotdog and Sarah J.B.

So, the holidays are quickly approaching and we decided to ask the teachers and a few students at HSJH where they are spending the holidays. It turns out that a lot of the teachers are going to their parents’ houses. The teachers Mr.Runge, Mr.Sturges, Mr. Tucker, and Mr.Libey (according to him, he is the best composition teacher) are specifically going to their parents’ house to visit.  Mrs.Stoner, though, is going to magnificent Las Vegas! Ms.Wright, (who told us not to listen to Mr.Libey, and that she is the best composition teacher) is going skiing in Michigan. Mrs.Craig is going to North Carolina as well as a wedding. And the absolutely positively amazing teacher Ms.Vandor is going to Chicago early with her family to be with them in case the end of the world happens on 12/21/12!

Well, thanks for looking at this article see you next time guys!


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Short Story: The Artist’s Mistake

By, Lauren W. & Lucy N.

Short Story

The Artist’s Mistake

“Lucy!” Mrs. Adams ran to Lucy screaming, holding a handful of broken clay. Lucy looked at the broken clay and sat down, depressed. Her wonderful work of art was destroyed in the kiln. This was the third clay creature destroyed this week!

“What happened?” cried Lucy, “I was so pumped to paint today and just to find out that my creature was destroyed!”

“Well, you’ll just have to start all over.” Mrs. Adams said with a grin.

Lucy turned to the girls at her table, and saw Taylor’s creature crumbled  in front of her. All the girls looked at Mrs. Adams who was at her desk working as if nothing had happened. “Hey, do you think that maybe all the creatures that have been destroyed weren’t an accident?”

Taylor sighs and says, “Maybe, I don’t understand how mine blew up! I did everything like she said!” All the girls shifted their attention back to Mrs. Adams. “I think that there may be an someone sneaking in and destroying all the creatures.”

“We should investigate!” Lucy suggested.

“But how?” Sarah, a girl at the table, asked.

“We should go into the room tomorrow before the next load of creatures  go in and put in a hidden camera, to see what is going on,” Taylor said quietly.

They put the camera in the room unable to contain their excitement. They couldn’t wait to see who the criminal was.

The next week…

The girls all gathered at a sleep over to watch the footage.

“Ok guys I’ll go get the camera,” said Lauren, another classmate.

“I’m nervous, guys,” said Taylor.

The video was plugged in and the footage started.

First Mrs. Adams scampered into the room with a mouse like face. Then, she looked and touched every clay creature and then licked her fingers. She picked up the ice cream shaped clay creature. She sniffed the creature and then gobbled it down in less than five seconds. She walked out of the room and laughed.

“Mrs. Adams is a mouse! A mouse,” they all screamed.

They never looked at their third period art teacher the same way again!



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What is Your Teacher’s Favorite Christmas Tradition?

By, Emillia Vargas & Kathrina Tate

We took some time out to ask some teachers what their favorite Christmas tradition is! Here are their answers to the question:

“My favorite Christmas tradition is….”

Mrs. Slota – …picking out a Christmas tree and having hot chocolate!

Mr. Goller – …hanging up my Yellow Submarine ornament and watching The Hog Father.

Mrs. Kriger – …going to a midnight ceremony at church and sing the Christmas carols then take the candles outside. Next we go home and eat filet mignon and king crab then open one present on Christmas Eve.

Miss Wright – …Christmas camp, Christmas Tecumseh reunion, Christmas craft exchange, and opening stockings in PJs.

Ms. Craig – …having a birthday party for Jesus and eating cinnamon buns on Christmas morning.

Mrs. Cooper – …going to church and watching Christmas Vacation.

Mrs. Hiatt – …making Happy Birthday Jesus pancakes on Christmas Morning

Mr. Libey – …hanging out with family and watching Christmas Vacation.

Ms. Vandor – …having my entire immediate family (and five dogs!) together all at the same time!

Let us know! What’s YOUR favorite Christmas or holiday tradition??!?!

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No Newspaper Club this week!

Panther Press staff – we will NOT be meeting this Tuesday due to the Thanksgiving Break…Tuesday is really like Friday this week! Go and enjoy some turkey! Enjoy your break! See ya next week!!

~Ms. Vandor


On Tuesday, December 4, Marco’s Pizza at 116th and Olio Rd. will host a fundraising night for our Art Department.  15% of all proceeds from the Art Night coupons will go directly into an account to purchase dwindling student art materials.  Fliers with attached coupons will be distributed before the event at school by the Art teachers.  Please mark your calendars, be hungry, and eat at Marco’s for Art!

Thank you to the HSJH Art Teachers for letting us all know about this!


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Major Holidays: World Religions & Cultures: December 2012

Thank you Mrs. Gammons!

Month of:  Universal Human Rights, World Aids

Nov. 15 – Dec. 13   Al Hijra / Muharram (Islam) Islamic New Year continues.Remembrance of the migration of Mohammed and followers to Medina.

Dec. 1   World AIDS Day  (Global)  Annual day of recognition of AIDS—to remember those who have died, to acknowledge the need for continued commitment to care for those who are HIV/AIDS positive and to support the research to find a cure.

Dec. 2  Advent begins  (Christian)  The period of four weeks during which Christians prepare to celebrate for the birth of Jesus. Advent begins on the Sunday nearest November 30 and is the beginning of the Christian worship year. This festival is marked by lighting candles, laying wreaths and special advent ceremonies and these celebrations continue till December 24th.

Dec. 7   Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day  (USAThe day designated by Congress in 1994 to remember and honor all those who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on December 7, 1941. 

Dec. 8   Bodhi Day  (Buddhist) Commemorates Gautama’s attainment of enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya, India.

Dec. 8   Feast of the Immaculate Conception  (Roman Catholic) Commemorates the Virgin Mary’s conception as being without sin and therefore immaculate.

Dec. 8-16   Hanukkah  (Jewish) Celebrates the victory (165 BCE) of the Maccabees over the Syrian tyrant Antiochus IV and the subsequent reclamation of Jerusalem.  According to the Talmud, only a one day supply of nondesecrated oil was found in the Temple when the Maccabees prepared it for rededication by removing all Syrian idols. Miraculously, the oil lasted for eight days until oil that was fit for use in the temple could be obtained.

Dec. 10   International Human Rights Day  (Global) Established by the United Nations in 1948, commemorates the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Dec. 15   Bill of Rights Day  (USA)  The first ten amendments to the United States Constitution were introduced by James Madison to the First United States Congress in 1789 as a series of legislative articles, and came into effect as Constitutional Amendments on December 15, 1791, through the process of ratification by three-fourths of the States.  On Bill of Rights Day, Americans celebrate our citizenship, and the freedoms that we enjoy. These freedoms do not exist in many countries of the world.

Dec. 16-25   Las Posadas  (Mexican Christian)  Las Posadas (Spanish for “the inn”) is a traditional Mexican festival which re-enacts Joseph’s search for room at the inn.


Dec. 21   Winter Solstice/Yule (Christian/Wiccan)  A Christian celebration of the light dawning in Jesus. Also a Norse pagan celebration of the winter-born king, symbolized by the rebirth of the sun. A present day Wicca event. The first day of winter always occurs on or around December 22; it is the shortest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere.

Dec. 25   Christmas  (Christian) The birth of Jesus Christ has been celebrated by Christians for more than 1600 years. Christmas (from Old English Cristes maesse or “Mass of Christ”) is observed annually on December 25 although the exact date of Christ’s birth is not known. The Christmas season begins on the First Sunday of Advent (Nov. 28) and ends on Epiphany (Jan. 6.) This celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ is observed by prayers, exchanging of gifts, and family parties.

Dec. 26 – Jan. 1    Kwanzaa   (African American) The festival was created in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Ron Karenga. Dr. Karenga’s goal was to establish a holiday that would facilitate African-American goals of building a strong family, learning about African-American history, and developing unity. He found many of the African festivals to be harvest related. Because of this, he named the celebration Kwanzaa from the Kiswahili word meaning “first fruits.” Karenga identified seven principles of the African-American culture (unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith) and incorporated them into Kwanzaa.

Dec. 31   New Year’s Eve (Global)  The last day of the calendar year, or December 31 in the Gregorian calendar. Since most of the world uses this calendar, New Year’s Eve is celebrated around the globe.

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Bridgit Mendler’s new album

By, EZ

From: Tiger Beat magazine

Bridgit Mendler has always been known as a star on Disney Channel’s show, Good Luck Charlie and starring in the movie, Lemonade Mouth. But she has just released her very first album called “Hello my name is…” This album was released on October 22, 2012. The album includes 12 songs including its top hit, “Ready or Not” and “Hurricane.” Other songs include “Forgot to Laugh,” “Top of the World,” “City Lights,” “All I see is Gold,” “The Fall Song,” “Love will tell us where to Go,” “Blonde,” “Rocks at my Window,” “5:15,” and “Hold on for Dear Love.” Bridgit’s first album is a pop genre and is filled with fantastic songs.




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