Thanks Sky Zone!

By, Ms. V

The Panther Press staff wants to give a huge thanks for Sky Zone Indy for showing their support for our new online newspaper! Thank you!

If you have never checked out a Sky Zone, be sure to go to their website here to get more information. If you are not in the Indianapolis are, you can locate other Sky Zones from the site above. There are Sky Zones all over the US so be sure to check to see if there is one in your area!

If you’re planning a trip to Sky Zone, be sure to read their waivers, rules, policies, etc. You can print their waiver online and bring it with you to save you some time. Also, it’s totally affordable:

30-min jump: $9

60-min jump: $13

90-min jump: $17

120-min jump: $20

I, personally, have never been to Sky Zone, but after looking more into it, and hearing about all the fun my students have there, it’s definitely something I am going to check out!




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