Our Voices- Chapter 1

By, Emillia Vargas


Let’s start at the beginning. A girl walks up the steps of a junior high, butterflies building in her stomach with each step she takes. (Hint; that girl is me.) I sit down inside the cafeteria; waiting. Waiting for the bell that would signal the start of my first year of junior high. I’m not sure who will be in my classes, I’m not sure who will be my friend.

My name is Jenna Williams, or as my friends calls me, Jen. I have long ash-blonde hair and my eyes… No one really knows what color they are… Some people say they’re hazel, while others say they’re green, blue, blue-green, or green with brown specks in them. Also, I’m rather short. 4’5 to be exact. There’s some benefits to being short, but not many.

I look at my surroundings. “This place is huge…” I think as I yawn. It took forever for me to get to sleep last night. I just kept running through what would happen today. Are my teachers nice? Are my friends in any of my classes? How many new friends will I make? And the most important; where do I belong?

As I’m thinking over all of these things, I hear a shrill ringing noise. Everyone else who has been waiting with me start getting up. Finally, my first day of junior high begins and even though I don’t know it yet, the start of many changes in my life. Big changes.




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