Caramel vs. Carmel

By, Ms. V

While I was posting the article about caramel apples, I had a question that was bothering me, so I looked it up…

Did you know there is a small difference between carAmel and carmel besides the obvious “A” in the name? Well, first of all let me just say upfront that I checked about 10,000 websites to come to a conclusive answer and therefore I am not going to list them all, but believe me I am not making this up! Here is what I found:

  • In some cases, carmel and carAmel are essentially the same thing – people just pronounce it differently – some websites in fact blame this fact on laziness of people.
  • The “real” way to spell it and say it is in fact, carAmel, but some people just don’t say the added syllable of the “A”
  • Carmel is a name of a town (and the one that is ironically, right next to Fishers, IN!)
  • CarAmel is a brown, super sweet, sugar while Carmel may refer to a place or a person – hence, above bullet
  • CarAmel is a confection used in puddings and other desserts that is made by heating sugars to the point of melting. The color of the caramel will be shades of brown.
  • Carmel is a Hebrew word. It is the name of many locations worldwide including Mount Carmel in Israel.
  • CarAmel is a candy – simply put.

Yes, some of those seem repetitive, but all in all, I realized that the CANDY is and should be said as carAmel. And the same goes to any color or shade of tan/brown that you may refer to as a “carAmel” color. Other times, if you are referring to a town, Mount Carmel in Israel, or other anything NOT the candy or color, it is carmel.

Hmm…who knew?

So, basically…I could say the following: “I travel to Carmel, IN to buy carAmel apples.”


What do you all say? CarAmel or carmel? Just curious!

All this talk about carAmel – I am going to buy me some carAmel apples later today! Yum!






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