Anime Review: D. Gray Man

By, Kairi Honda, Rikiryou Rei, & Emillia Vargas

(Some info gathered from Wikipedia)

K:  Alright! I’m Kairi!

R:  I’m Rei.

E:  And I’m Emillia!

K : And this week’s anime is…


K:  D. Gray Man!!

R:  Once again, I let Kairi choose. Actually, we both did, and Em smiled like an idiot because she hasn’t watched these yet.

E:  I plan on it!

K:  All you do is waste your time on the fandoms when you could be watching more!

E:  So do you!

K:  I multitask.

E:  I can’t do that. I’m told that it’s because of my narrow mind.

R:  So that’s why you stop walking when you chew gum.

E:  I guess so!

K:  Anyways, back to work. D. Gray Man is about this boy, Allen Walker, that has a cursed arm. It grows to an unnaturally long arm to destroy these things called Akuma, because it is his anti-Akuma weapon. Akuma are souls of the dead that are forced to do the will of the Millennium Earl.

R:  He’s the guy with the really big teeth and chin.

K:  Allen goes to the Black Order, a group of Exorcists that do the same as he; destroy Akuma. He learns that what powers his arm is called Innocence. It is what is used to destroy Akuma, and his missions are centered on acquiring pieces of Innocence. The Millennium Earl calls on the Noah Family, descendants of Noah, that are able to destroy Innocence because of their superhuman powers. The Exorcists and the Millennium Earl/the Noah Family are enemies, and both groups seek to find the Heart, the most powerful piece of Innocence that would ensure victory to the side that achieves it.

R:  You got that from the Wiki, didn’t you?

K:  Only parts of it.

R:  I’ll take it.


R:  Never mind


K:  Well, that’s all for this week.

R:  Oh! And if you’re an anime fan reading this, comment and let us know what you’d like to see next!


K and R:  -cover Em’s mouth- BYEEE!!! [^_^]


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