Amazing Pumpkin Carving

By, Pooh Bear

Information from here!

Ah! The autumn tradition of carving pumpkins is always a blast for the family. Everyone loves the simple smile with triangular eyes. It’s simple and fun, but sometimes fun isn’t always simple! As Ray Villafane portrays in his pumpkins, you can be creepy and make your pumpkins a Halloween special. He has taken pumpkin carving to the extreme! You may scream at the frightening works of art, but Villafane looks at them as grand accomplishments!

You may have seen him at the Indiana State Fair over the summer. I got the chance to see him in action there. He was  adding on branches for hands and putting on some finishing touches. It truly was the place to be! Villafane has a passion to carve and maybe you do too! Test your skills with a pumpkin this fall and see what you can do!




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