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by Ms. Gundrum 

HSJH Librarian

“Seriously, our library is awesome.”

Okay for Now by Gary D. Schmidt

When Doug’s family moves from the “Big Apple” (New York City) to the small town of Marysville, he is determined to not like the town. It’s small, his house is “a dump”, and the people in town are suspicious. One of the few kids he’s met, Lil Spicer, is annoying. He’d rather be back in the city near the Yankees and his hero Joe Pepitone. But when Doug finds the Audubon prints of birds in the local library and gets a job delivering groceries, he begins to think the town might not be so bad… until his older brother is accused of breaking into the hardware store and Doug’s teachers and Principal Peatie treat him as if he’s to blame.

I have the Audubon Book of prints and this wonderful story in the Library!

You will find it in the Realistic/Historical Fiction section.

You can read the first chapter on Schmidt’s website:



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