HSJH hosts the spell bowl!

By, Haley S.

Hey Panthers! As you know, on Tuesday, October 16th, the Spell Bowl team had a spell bowl competition! Luckily, I had an interview with the Spell Bowl team before they had their meet. On average, the spell bowl team has to learn how to spell around 1000 words! That is a lot! And these are words from “a cappella” to “quixotic”! The spell bowl team meets every Tuesdays and Thursdays! I also learned that the Spell Bowl team takes a test, and this test is actually a very important test. This test determines what position they will be in for the spell bowl competitions. Well, that’s all for today! See you Panthers! STAY SWAG!

Judges from HSJH were our Principal Mr. Mankin and Asst. Principal Mr. Iagulli. Time Keeper was Mrs. Satterfield. Master of Power Point was Mrs. Hiatt. Score Keepers were Mrs. Haneline and Ms. Vandor. And last but not least, Mr. Latimer was the emcee who rocked the stage with his booming voice!

Results: HSJH came in 4th of 11 schools! Not bad!

CITATIONS: Joey S., Sarah A., and Nadia J.  – all members of the 2012 HSJH Spell Bowl team!

Note: If you are interested in joining Spell Bowl next year talk to Mrs. Feeney and/or Ms. Gundrum!

Fun Fact: The “host” school changes each year for the Spell Bowl competition. HSJH will not get to host again for 11 years from now! It’s pretty cool that we got to host it this year because we got to show off our new building!

The 2012 HSJH Spell Bowl Team!

Ms. Gundrum and Mrs. Feeney – organized the competition and coached our Spell Bowl team! Oh yea – and it was Dictionary Day, so Mrs. Feeney was dressed as “hormonal” (she’s expecting) Ms. Gundrum was dressed as a book: “The Devil Wears Prada”.

The HSJH Glee Club made their first performance at the Spell Bowl by singing The National Anthem a capella!


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