Get to know our art teachers

By, Piglet and Pooh Bear

We got together with the art teachers and found out their deepest, darkest secrets!

Mrs. Adams’s favorite color is purple and she has a strong liking for Mexican food.  Her favorite project of the entire year is her clay creatures.  She is best friends with Mr. Libey.  Her favorite letter is P because she finds it funny.  Her favorite number is 3 and her favorite word in the entire English language is “Yoho” because it is what she calls kids that are goofing around.  One way to make Mrs. Adams angry is to get her a bouquet of balloons.  She has a serious fear of balloons of all sizes and shapes.  Her pants have been painted and are screaming with art.

Mrs. Adams teaches art at HSJH!

Mrs. Gammons’ favorite color is also purple and she can’t resist eating cheese.   Her favorite project of the year is also clay creatures, and her favorite colleague is Mrs. Adams.  Her favorite letter is K and she loves the number 5.  Her favorite word is a mystery that she can’t tell you.

Mrs. Gammons teaches 8th grade art at HSJH!

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