By, Kathrina Tate

I walked down the hall. My ebony colored heels contrasted starkly against the bright white carpeting, while my black knee length pencil skirt and blazer blended into the chocolate brown walls so well no one had noticed me walk into the room containing the safe.

“I’m in.” I said into the wire, which had been irritating my skin for the past 20 minutes.

“Good job, Fields.” Agent Carter said, “Now enter the code 58225.”

I quickly typed it into the keypad. The safe’s lock clicked and the heavy door cracked open. Swinging the door open, I franticly grabbed the manila folder, shut the door, and scurried out of the room.

It was so hard to believe that this all started a month ago.

.   .   .

“Stop, rewind, and pause,” said Agent Joey Carter, a by the book former military officer with a two inch scar running vertically down his cheek.  My boss. So much for trying to sneak past him. He was always making me stay late for work.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked spinning around in chair.

“Just going home,” I sighed. “Lucy can’t feed herself you know.”  I said it quickly, hoping he wouldn’t realize that I was lying about my dog, a coton de tulear.  She was not really waiting for me at home because she was staying at my friend’s house for the moment.

Joey was swivelling back and forth in his chair, “I need to talk to you about something.”

“Um… okay,” I hesitated, violating one of the most important rules of the bureau.  Don’t hesitate. “I guess I can stay for a little bit longer.” I looked at my vanishing escape route, the cherry wood door, with disappointment.

“So, I have an assignment for you. I need you to infiltrate The Bobby McCorman Company,” He said so causally that you would have thought he was talking about a simple message decoding. The Bobby McCorman Company was one of the most highly profitable businesses in the world with the best security in the world.

How could Joey think I’m ready for this, I thought to myself worriedly, I had only been in the bureau for only two months but yet he thinks I’m ready! I was screaming in my head, but on the outside I portrayed the calm, cool agent I was trained to be.

“What?  You think I’m ready for that!” My heart was racing faster than Usain Bolt.

“Will you do it?” He asked again.

“Um… Uh… Y… Y… Yes,” I finally sputtered out.

Great! You start tomorrow. Here’s your resumé.” He handed me a stack of papers.  “And the rest of your cover.  Study hard.”

“I’m already hired?”

“The interview will be a piece of cake,” Joey said.  “They have an opening you know!” as he winked at me.

“B… But sir, what is the mission?”

“I will let you know tomorrow.”

… To be continued.

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