3 Days of Fun

Having fun at Camp T!

By, 9.11

From the minute you get to Camp Tecumseh, you enter into a world of fun and adventure. Keep reading to find out how.

When you first arrive at Camp, you unload and pick your bed. You get to eat your sack lunch in the cabin and then you head to the flagpole where you have rec time (free time). You go to your first lesson time with your counselor. Each day you get to do a different cool activity. The first day I got to climb Mt. Wood, the giant wooden climbing wall. After lessons you head to dinner where you enjoy the best meal ever. Then you go to the biggest game of capture the flag in the world. The first night you enjoy a campfire and head to bed.

The next day you wake up and have an amazing breakfast. After that are morning lessons with your counselor. My group got to go canoeing. Soon after is lunch and rec time. After that you go to afternoon lessons and after that is dinner. On that night you go to skits by the counselors and teachers after some square dancing. The skits are hilarious and you really can’t guess what’s coming next. Then your last night in your cabin comes next.

The final day starts with repacking and leaving for the last time towards breakfast then the last set of morning lessons. My group got to go the amazing Black Hole Slide. Your final lunch and your last time in the dining hall are last. After that you go to the cabins and hop on the buses back to school and your adventure is over.

If there is one thing I would never change, it would be my experience at Camp Tecumseh, the fun I had and the friends I made.

Students gather around the flagpole each morning for the pledge and silly songs

Crazy volleyball game!



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