Love is in the Air

By, Pooh Bear

I know all the seventh graders out there are wondering what’s going on this week. Many of you already have heard about the engagement of Mr. Tucker and Ms. Moyer. It’s so exciting! Two of our very own are together!

Ms. Moyer and Mr. Tucker are engaged! Both are 7th grade English teachers.

By, The Wasp

Love is In the Air:

As you may know Mr. Tucker and Ms. Moyer are engaged! I had an interview with both of them and it is quite obvious that they are very happy.

The two have been dating for about two years and Mr. Tucker says that he realized he wanted to propose this past summer. Ms. Moyer says they had talked about it but he made her think that he would do it around April.

Now the Big Question…How did he do it?:

Mrs. Moyer says that he took her on a picnic, then a walk in the woods when they went to an old bridge and he got down on one knee and “popped the question”.

The reaction:

Ms. Moyer says she was in complete shock from the moment he kneeled. When he asked she just was totally shocked and said yes.

Were you nervous?:

“Not to ask her, but to ask her father,” Mr. Tucker said.

So there you have it love is very much in the air now.




We also wanted to send a shout-out to all the parents who came and helped out with Camp T! Thanks for all those moms and dads out there!

Camp T!

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