Staff vs. 8th Grade Girl’s undefeated volleyball team!

By, Kyle H.

If you were to choose between a thirteen year old undefeated girls volleyball team, or thirty to forty-five year people who need to shake off the cobwebs literally, who would you choose?

…My personal opinion is the thirteen year old undefeated girls’ volleyball team.

…Only for the fact that they have been playing for like three months and the staff probably has never played volleyball in their whole life.  I mean the only good person the staff team has is Mr. Beesley only because he is a gym teacher. Mr. Zoeller isn’t he; teaches Social Studies but he is the one who will become history! Then Miss. Boss – who teachers English – but the only thing that she will be saying is, “Wow we stink!” And the only thing the 8th grade girls undefeated team will be saying is, “I knew we would win!”

Be sure to watch the staff vs. students game on Wednesday, October 17th! After school in the gym – $3!


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